Rustic Wedding Pallet happily ever after

47 fabulous DIY Pallet Decor Ideas for Rustic Weddings!


Why use pallet decor for rustic weddings? Rustic weddings are ever so popular with the younger generation.  Our children are into hiking, horseback riding, driving Jeeps and Trucks.  They are looking for simple and fun celebrations with friends and family.  They want to have their big day in a place they have good memories during childhood or teenage years. Places like the campgrounds, farms, barns, gardens, resorts, and even ski slopes. 

Romantic, Chic and Inexpensive

These rustic weddings are not only romantic, but so much fun, inexpensive, timeless and chic in there own special way.  The smell of outdoors, wood, flowers, trees, the beauty of the country is chic yet relaxing and laid back. Although nature is a great backdrop and just a touch of string lights on trees will be great décor for any celebration.  There are still so many other items and DIY ideas to add on to an already gorgeous natural beauty.
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Simple Pallet Decor for Rustic Weddings

Hey, string lights, chandeliers, candles, flowers, pictures, signs, and so many more similar items can be used in a rustic wedding. Certainly, one popular item that stands out recently is pallet. Yes, pallets, they are no longer just for moving, stacking or burning in bonfires. Pallets are a great tool, especially for the DIY crowd. Pallets are certainly amazing for any sort of crafts.  They can be used in so many ways in your rustic wedding.
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Pallets; rock them in your wedding decor!

Definitely, DIY country wedding ideas with pallets can save you money for your big day. The best way to show pallet DIY ideas is to list them along with pictures.  Let’s check out these brilliant ideas of pallet decor for Rustic Weddings and get inspired.

Rustic Weddings – Arriving at the venue on the big day!

Rustic wedding pallet direction to place

1. Most locations are off the main road, place signs for easy direction.

Rustic wedding pallet Parking sign idea

2. Direct your guests to the parking area. Make inexpensive signs using your favorite color.

Rustic Wedding Pallet entrance arch

3. Make arch using pallets, they will look so much nicer if it is decorated with lights and few flowers.

Rustic Wedding Pallet happily ever after

4. Every wedding needs this fabulous sign. It is amazing how few simple words warms up your heart!

Rustic Weddings – Welcoming your guests coming from near or far!

Rustic Wedding Pallet welcome sign

5. Let your guests know you appreciate the fact they came out to celebrate with you. Welcome them by placing signs around the venue!

rustic wedding pallet schedule idea

6. Always a good idea to have a timeline for events taking place.

Rustic Wedding Pallet direction to different stations

7. Help your guests to get around. The more signs and clarification the less you have to explain!

Rustic Wedding Pallet use as tray

8. Always a good idea to greet your guests with refreshments. Use pallets to make simple boxes for whatever needs to be stored or carried around.

The reception – The time is finally here to say “I Do”

Rustic Wedding pallet heart sign idea

9. Look how easy it is to make hearts out of pallets, just cut the pieces and add your message. Great decorations idea.

Rustic Wedding Pallet note to your guest

10. Let the guests know your seating preference for your ceremony. A great thing about rustic weddings is simplicity.

Rustic Wedding Pallet decorate the ceremony isle

11. You don’t have to spend a lot to decorate the aisle. Inspirational quotes are always a great addition, get creative and entertain your guests.

Rustic wedding pallet ceremony decoration

12. Say “I DO” standing in front of a beautiful backdrop. Decorate it to your taste, there are so many great decoration ideas for rustic weddings.

Cocktail hour – Mingle and have fun

Rustic Wedding Pallet station signs

13. Spend some time and make signs for different stations. It is easy to do but adds on so much!

Rustic Wedding Pallet bar

14. Surprisingly there are so many different ideas online as to how to build a bar out of pallets. Great to use in your backyard after the big day.

Rustic Wedding Pallet make ice bucket

15. Nice to have beers and wine in smaller coolers around the area. Isn’t this a great idea to dress up the icebox?

Rustic Wedding Pallet food table

16. Check out this display of appetizers! Simply decorate pallets can be used as tables for appetizers, drinks, foods, and dessert.

Rustic Wedding Pallet card storage

17. Decorate a box or two made of pallets for your guests to put cards in, later use as storage.

Rustic wedding pallet Day bed - Seating idea

18. Make sure your guests are comfortable while you get ready for the reception.

Rustic Wedding Pallet side table

19. Small stands will be nice to use during cocktail hours.

Rustic Wedding Pallet candle holders

20. Use pallets as decor around the area, a nice piece to hang candles, lights, and flowers.

Rustic Wedding Pallet Guest name - Table #

21. Big dilemma, who is seating where and with whom?

Rustic Wedding Pallet guest signature board

22. Instead of the guest book, Use a decorated board or

Rustic Wedding Pallet guest signature photo frame

23. use a picture frame for all guests to sign.

Time for your ceremony – First dance as Mr. & Mrs.

Rustic Wedding Pallet make a path

24. Time for the Ceremony, let’s walk over and take and find your table!

Rustic Wedding Pallet decorate with string lights

25. Use lots of string lights around the venue, easy to hang on pallets.

Rustic Wedding Pallet number your tables

26. Use pallets, decorate and paint the pieces to make number signs for tables.

Rustic wedding pallet table idea

27. Here is an idea, use pallets for tables, maybe even make benches.

Rustic Wedding Pallet use under your center piece

28. Cut and paint pallets to be used under candles/centerpieces

Rustic Wedding Pallet center pieces with flowers

29. How about making boxes as part of table centerpieces.

Rustic Wedding Pallet cake placement

30. Pallets can be even used to display your cake

Rustic Wedding Pallet dance floor

31. Time for the 1st dance on your dance floor made from the pallets.

Rustic Wedding Pallet season - ho;iday decor

32. Don’t forget to make seasonal decor for your event

Rustic Wedding Pallet Mr and Mrs signs

33. Make Mr. & Mrs. signs

Rustic Wedding Pallet decoration

34. Paint and decorate different sizes and shapes to dress up the main table.

Rustic Wedding Pallet back drop

35. Make decorated backdrop and place it behind the couple’s table

Time for relaxing under the twinkle lights

Rustic Wedding Pallet seating area

36. After dinner catch up with relatives you haven’t seen for a while

Rustic Wedding Pallet games

37. Play games – pallets can be used to make many fun games

Rustic Wedding Pallet hang blankets or towels

38. Provide your guests with blankets to keep warm in the evening

Rustic Wedding Pallet picture prop

39. So easy to make signs to use as props for photos

Rustic Wedding Pallet canopy

40. Relax, a cute swing/hammock idea using pieces of pallets.

Rustic Wedding Pallet cute decorations to take home

41. How is your painting? Make signs that can be used as house decorations and keepsakes

Rustic Wedding Pallet hang pictures

42. Always fun to hang some pictures from childhood and engagement.

Ending the night and sending your guests home with a handmade favor

Rustic Wedding Pallet decorative planter

43. succulent plants are so popular, you can decorate with and give them as a favor.

Rustic Wedding Pallet favors

44. Display your wedding favors.

Rustic Wedding Pallet use as wedding favors

45. Get creative and use pieces of pallets to make the favors.

Rustic Wedding Pallet picture frame

46. Picture frames are a great favor for guests.

47. A beautiful panoramic photo, Personalized Wedding gift pallet for rustic farmhouse home decor.

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