The Estate at Florentine Gardens Hires to Produce a Virtual Tour of their North Jersey Wedding Venue

The powers that be at the ever elegant and beautiful Estate at Florentine Gardens New Jersey (full disclosure, author’s brother had his wedding there a bunch of years ago :-)) just knew that there was a better way to showcase their venue than just using two-dimensional pictures and text.
Says Maria Daidone, venue owner, and Marketing Manager, “Most venues, including our Estate, are in no shortage of photographs of their facility. We are all inundated with images on a regular basis – from photographers and guests alike – that show the venue on both large scale and the tiny detail shots. And, while many of these pictures are beautiful, none of them are tied together; none of them really give the viewer a perspective relative to other shots. The Virtual Tour that we got from and the stunning panoramic shots they took to give the viewer that immersive, personal perspective we were looking for.”
After receiving a postcard in the mail and checking out the many other wedding venues the website boasts, Maria decided to give a call.
They were not disappointed. The virtual tour looked beautiful, covered all of the important aspects of their northern New Jersey wedding venue, and most importantly gives brides the best view of the venue possible.
The virtual tour can be viewed here –
The drone presentation can be viewed here –, and
A video of the Virtual Tour can be viewed here –

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