Thinking about an Outdoor Wedding?

Numerous decisions go into the BEFORE “I Do” and even more decisions AFTER the “I Do!” Of all the decisions associated with the perfect wedding, choosing a venue is one of the most important ones.
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Outdoor weddings in a naturally beautiful setting often have a more relaxed feel that is quite appealing to both the wedding party and guests. Outdoor weddings can vary from a park in the country, where you will need to supply everything including the porta potties to more inclusive options like the Estate at Farrington Lakes, where you’ve got acres of beautifully landscaped grounds plus gorgeous indoor facilities
Here are a few pros and cons to consider when deciding upon indoors or outdoors.


  • More relaxed environment. You decide how formal or informal you want your wedding to be.
  • Less decoration is necessary. What is more natural and breathtaking than having mother nature as your backdrop? Take advantage of the effort, detail, and allow the venue’s landscaping to shine through.  It’s one of the reasons you selected that venue.  Show it off.
  • Kids have more space to enjoy themselves, which in turn allows the adults to have more fun.
  • Natural lighting for the photos is wonderful! Midday sun can be tricky, so late afternoon and sunset usually make for better photos.


  • You want your wedding to be wonderful regardless of mother nature.  Plan for the worst.  FIX: Make bad weather solutions a part of your initial discussions and plans.
  • Additional cost. Think cost for the tents, lighting, and does the site have electricity? FIX: Include all costs in the initial plans and on the contract.
  • Natural light can be a problem in the wrong hands. You want your wedding pictures to be perfect!  But natural light can be tricky, photographers need to be careful of exposure on sunny days.  FIX: Take a look at the photographer’s outdoor wedding portfolio before making a decision.
  • Uninvited guests. Bug and creepy crawlers can disrupt the fun.  FIX: Make sure you or the venue has a plan for citronella or torches to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

One thing to remember about your big day, no matter what happens, the day will be Perfect! How do we know?  Because you’ve got your dream, you’ve got your life partner, you’ve got your friends and relatives to celebrate your best day ever!  Life is good – no matter the pros and cons of any list.
Hope this helps.  Happy planning!

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