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15 Backyard Wedding Ideas You'll Love

March 15, 2022


15 Backyard Wedding Ideas You'll Love


Let’s all agree that we truly underestimate our backyards. After all, they do offer the perfect, free venue for a beautiful intimate wedding. Not to mention, you can incorporate just about any theme when hosting a backyard wedding. You will definitely have a free hand in making desired changes, and no one will stop you from carrying out any modifications. Your backyard is your perfect budget-saving, intimate wedding venue. Here are a few tips for incorporating creative ideas for your backyard wedding:

1.   DIY Wedding Arch

Now is the time for you to let your creativity work its magic. To start off, you have a beautiful, green backyard with plenty of space. Set a place for the aisle and where you will stand after walking down the aisle. This is where you can set up your desired wedding arch. It can be as simple and minimalist as a wooden stand covered in dangling flowers. Or, it can be as lavish as a wooden backdrop filled with your favorite flowers. You can also add a traditional Persian carpet to give it an artistic feel.

Simple but elegant arches for outdoor/backyard wedding

2.   Flower Petals Archway

The archway should be simple, yet beautiful. The bride walking down the aisle should feel like a princess walking on a bed of roses. Take a bunch of petals and just spread them on the archway. You can also contrast them with the décor theme or with the wedding dress itself. The fragrance of the petals and the delicacy they represent will turn a simple path into a more elegant one.

3.   Plenty of Fairy Lights

Here is your chance to go wild with the fairy lights. They will light up the backyard so it looks like a magical garden full of fireflies. You can hang them from the trees and the bushes surrounding the backyard. Plan the lighting setup so that you don’t overdo it, but it still looks dazzling.

4.   Decorate the Entrance

A flawless entrance can make a big difference. Accentuate it with candles and topiaries and make an elegant curtain entrance. You can open and shut the drapes whenever necessary. If you are going for a tent in the backyard, a draped entrance would be perfect. However, if it is an open-air wedding, you can still decorate it with candle stands, fairy lights, and lots of flowers. Jot down your ideas and pick out the best ones.

Outdoor decore for outdoor/backyard wedding

5.   Wooden Signs

A backyard wedding gives you ample options to experiment with your creativity. Wooden signs to give directions will help your guests look around, and will match the backyard aesthetic as well. Hand-painted signs look even more beautiful. You don’t have to dig them in the ground. Instead, put them in a rustic bucket and fill them with flowers. This is a great way to utilize any extra wood lying around in your garage. It is also very budget-friendly! Find great wooden sign ideas here!

6.   Lanterns from the Thrift Shop

Don’t underestimate what you can find at a thrift store. You can find lamps that uplift the ambiance of your backyard wedding. You don’t have to try finding matching lanterns – if they mismatch, it will only look better with the backyard theme. You can place them on tables or hang them on their own as well. Their vintage designs and antique color schemes will match the rustic theme, so jot them down in your decor list.

7.   The Candles

These budget-friendly sticks add soft lighting to your backyard wedding, allowing for great pictures! You can place them as centerpieces in glass jars, hang them, or simply line them up on the entrance or the archway, they deliver in every way. The different candle sizes when incorporated creatively can transform the entire décor in a big, noticeable way!

Burning candles outdoor/backyard wedding

8.   Set a Photobooth Station

Set up a creative photo booth station that all of your guests can have fun with. This is the perfect way to incorporate personal touches into your wedding and make memories. Add in some extra props so your guests can have more creative fun with them. It’s the little things that help make unforgettable memories, so jot down photo booth ideas that you think go perfectly with your theme. Need a photo booth? Find photo booth vendors here.

9.   Utilize Nature in Your Backyard

The best thing about your backyard is all the flourishing grass, trees, and plantation. This way, they act as décor for your wedding day. This way, you don’t have to spend money on extra decorations, because nature is the best backdrop for a wedding. Add a few fairy lights, ribbons, hanging bottles in jute pockets, or rustic crates, and your simple wedding décor is complete.

10.   Air Plants and Succulents

A more natural way to decorate your backyard is with plants and succulents. They look absolutely breathtaking when you do it the right way. You can choose between lanterns, candles, or succulents to keep as centerpieces on guests’ tables. And imagine the plants hanging from your backyard trees; gorgeous, no? This is a great way to add some green elements if your backyard doesn’t have a tree or many bushes. It aligns with the entire green atmosphere but also stands out as a themed decoration.

11.   Intimate Seating Style

Your own space will allow you to plan the perfect seating for your big day. Backyard weddings are intimate and focus on close family and friends. It demands a family-style seating plan that is a blend of formal and casual. Set a warm tone and bring in long tables where all of you can sit together and celebrate.

DIY garden wedding sign

12.   Big Statement with Small Things

A budget-friendly, intimate wedding is your chance to make a big statement with little things. Every little detail leaves an impression, which is difficult to do at a big wedding. Add a tiny bag of herbs with the cutlery, place small printed quotes for each guest, or add shawls or drapes at the entrance if the guest's feel chilly. There are plenty of things that can make a difference and lift your guests’ spirits.

13.   Live Guest Snap Book

Wedding albums take a long time to complete, so here is another instant idea. Set up a Polaroid station and place an open guest book on it. Snap a Polaroid of every guest that arrives, paste them in the book and ask each guest to write something about the couple under the photo. This is a great way to make some wedding memories that even albums can’t provide!

14.   Fire Place

We all need an after-party once all the ceremonies are done and dusted. Build a brick fireplace and set a few benches around it; a perfect seating for an intimate after-party celebration. Gather your close friends and family, drink hot chocolate, and celebrate your big day in style. Your ultimate backyard wedding will help create beautiful memories for you to remember. Plan it well, jot down your ideas, and enjoy your big day! Check out our planning tips for a stress-free wedding day.

Guestbook & flowers for outdoor/backyard wedding

You may still need some wedding professionals to help you plan your amazing wedding. Find your wedding photographer, planner, and DJ all on 360SiteVisit. A backyard wedding is not for you? Find your dream wedding venue virtually here.  

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