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15 Questions to Ask Your New Jersey Wedding Cake Designer

March 29, 2021


15 Questions to Ask Your New Jersey Wedding Cake Designer

Many couples think that choosing a wedding cake is the easiest and least stressful facet of wedding planning. But things aren’t that simple when it’s actually time to choose one – especially when there are so many New Jersey wedding cake designers out there. In fact, choosing one can be a bit of a task.

To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of crucial questions that you must ask your wedding cake baker before you book them for the big day. These questions entail every minor and major concern related to your wedding cake – from cost, design, and availability to food safety.

Here are 15 questions you must ask before booking the best wedding cake designer for your big day.

#1: Are you available for my wedding date?

This is perhaps the most crucial question to ask your New Jersey wedding cake designer. After all, there is nothing worse than losing your heart to a wedding baker’s work, only to discover they aren’t available on your wedding date. Therefore, to avoid heartbreak, we suggest you kickstart the wedding cake hunt at least six months before your big day.

#2: Have you made all the wedding cakes that are showcased in your portfolio?

Many times, just to catch the customer’s attention, bakers post pictures of cakes they haven’t actually made themselves on their website. Moreover, they also showcase images of designs they are willing and able to make instead of the ones they have actually made. Therefore, if you like a cake design, be sure to ask the cake decorator if they’ve made it before or if they are willing to make it according to your specs.  

#3: Do you have any food safety certificates?

Any professional or registered wedding cake designer in New Jersey will have at least one food safety certificate/rating guaranteeing their service quality. Hence, if the baker you choose is certified, they would not have any problem verifying it. Asking this will ensure that you are choosing a genuine supplier that follows food hygiene and safety standards. 

Palermo’s Custom Cakes & Desserts certified cake consultants will make your special day everlasting and memorable! Or head to 360SiteVisit to view more bakeries.


#4: What wedding cake flavors do you offer?

Many bakers offer the typical wedding cake flavor options such as chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc. However, if that is not what you are looking for, make sure to ask your preferred wedding cake decorator about their proposed flavor palettes. Asking this question in the early stages can prevent you from disappointment.

If you wish to have a wedding cake that’s a bit unique in taste, Matt and Renato of BAKED can make your wish come true. Click here for a consultation appointment!

#5: What does the cake price include?

Many New Jersey cake designers quote a rate that does not encompass other charges such as VAT (Value-Added Tax). Therefore, it is always best to ask what the price includes before making a deposit. Believe it or not, knowing the answer to this question can save you from tons of misunderstanding later.

#6: How long have you been in the wedding cake business?

While it is true that the number of years a baker has been working in the wedding cake business doesn’t convey their skill level, knowing that somebody has years of experience backing their work definitely helps ease any doubts or concerns you may have regarding them. In addition to this, the years of experience will better equip them to deal with unforeseen challenges and how to get around them. For example, how to prevent a buttercream cake from melting during a heatwave or dealing with invitees/couples with allergies.

If you and your partner are looking for a professional and established wedding cake vendor in New Jersey, don’t look far –  Rudy’s Pastry Shop has over 35 years of experience and is famous for its delicious cakes and pastries!

#7: What are the portion sizes?

It is essential that you know how many portions a cake size can offer you to ensure there’s enough for everyone.  Your wedding cake baker can help you with that. We recommend you always request a cake designer for an actual sample of their portion sizes. Why is that important? If you intend to double your wedding cake as a dessert, it will not be nice to serve tiny slices to your guests. Similarly, if the cake slices are huge, they will go to waste and uneaten


#8: How many wedding cakes have you created?

Parallel to question #6, the number of wedding cakes a baker has created does not necessarily indicate they are superior to a startup or somebody just breaking into the wedding cake market. Nonetheless, the number of wedding cakes a baker has created is equally proportionate to the experience they have. Additionally, they will have more examples of their actual work to share with you. If you and your to-be-wedded are searching for an established and experienced wedding cake decorator, then this is an excellent question to ask before you book one.

#9: How much do we have to pay in advance?

The average price of a wedding cake in the United States is $350. However, it can range anywhere from $125 to $1000 (and more). We understand that nobody wants to pay a huge amount upfront.  Therefore, it is important to find out what is required to make in advance at the time of booking and the balance on the final day.

#10: Do you have any order cancellation policies?

In all the wedding preparation chaos, this is one question that often slips the mind of the soon-to-be-weds. But it is extremely crucial to ask – not just from your wedding cake decorator but also from the wedding venue manager. Nobody knows what tomorrow holds, especially now that the pandemic has brought an unimaginable storm into our lives. Therefore, it is best that you ask this question at the start. It will help you know the cancellation cutoff date and its consequences on your wedding finances.

#11: Can we taste the cake flavors before making a final decision?

It can be difficult to choose a cake flavor without knowing exactly what it tastes like. After all, what a wedding cake tastes like is equally important as how it looks. Therefore, if you are concerned about how the cake or a flavor would taste, you should request the wedding cake makers for a cake-tasting appointment. This will help you make the right choice and ensure your wedding cake isn’t just pretty but will tastes just as delicious.

#12: How much time do we have to make the full payment?

The full payment guidelines may vary from vendor to vendor. Some may require you to make the full payment within a week or thirty days of your big day. At the same time, some may accept full payment after the wedding day – to ensure you are happy with your work.

#13: Do you offer any discounts?

We are sure this is one of those ‘no-brainer’ questions, but this list wouldn’t have been complete without it. Who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks when you already know there’s so much to pay for while planning a wedding? Be sure to ask your preferred wedding cake decorator about special discounts or promotions that they may be offering.

#14: Do you provide cake delivery, or do we have to pick it up?

Realizing the logistics of your wedding is extremely critical! Asking this question can help you understand who’s responsible for the transportation of the cake to the wedding venue. If the cake company is willing to do it, make sure you ask whether there are any service charges. If they are not delivering, then ask someone you trust to collect it from the cake company and safely bring it to the wedding venue.

#15: What if the cake is spoiled/damaged during transportation?

Our last, but most critical question, is something that each soon-to-be-wedded couple must keep in view. Although something like this is rare to happen, it is always better to be safe than sorry. To ensure you are safeguarded at your end, get a wedding insurance policy that covers wedding cake accidents.

There you have it, fifteen important questions to ask a wedding cake designer before finalizing an order. Following this list can help you lessen the complications of choosing a wedding cake vendor.


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