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Stunning Wedding Arches & Backdrops

September 11, 2019

Dahlia Floral & Event Design at Park Chateau wedding venue
Dahlia Floral & Event Design at Park Chateau wedding venue


Gorgeous Backdrops that will blow your mind!


Round Arch with Greenery Almost all the way around
circular floral arches altars wedding ceremony backdrop new trend
Arch Wooden Round for wedding ceremony
Iron circle with flowers
Sweetheart table round arch with flowers


Wedding Arches & Backdrops, A central piece that will frame the most important part of your big day.


Wedding Ceremony Arches & Backdrops changing constantly from year to year.  It seems like wedding trends are growing every year instead of a new trend replacing an old one.  There are simply so many options available to couples-to -be with all this growth, ideas & trends.  Oh, yes weddings are getting more personalized than ever before!


wedding ceremony floral backdrop
wooden ceremony backdrop
Wooden wedding ceremony backdrop with flowers
beach ceremony bohemian teepee wedding
emerald peak temecula wedding ceremony arch
Beach wedding ceremony teepee
Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Geometric Confetti Daydreams


Year after year it's shaping up to be one of the most exciting wedding seasons!


wedding ceremony backdrop in field
wedding runway round backdrop
blue wedding arch chapel in conrad hotel bali
Capa Valley California Wedding Arch tunnel
Green wedding ceremony arch
Purple wedding background arch
pampas grass wedding arch
tropical wedding arch
Wedding Floral Arch


Dazzling ceremony arches and backdrops can transform any place into a magical space where you’ll soon say “I do”.  DIY Arches, balloons, flowers, greenery, velvet, silk flowers, candles, draped fabric, the list can go on.  They can be very elaborate and expensive or fairly simple and inexpensive, but you can count on it grabbing your guest's attention.  The possibilities are endless so take your time, pick the color and theme you are passionate about and express your personality while setting the mood for your ceremony.


nature red drape ceremony backdrop
Fall Wedding Arch Ideas for Rustic Wedding
Fall Wedding Arch Ideas for Rustic Wedding
Rustic wedding wooden arch
wooden barrel and sticks backdrop
beautiful floral wedding altar backdrop
diy wedding arch decoration
wooden door diy rustic wedding backdrop
  • Drape and flowers wedding ceremony backdrop
rustic floral decorated wedding arch ideas with door


Inspire your own stunning ceremony focal point!


Who doesn’t love a great backdrop?  Not only the wedding arches and backdrops are great focal point they also gorgeous in photos.  With all-new options and creativity, it is possible to have a magnificent backdrop that can later be hung in your home as a reminder of your special day.  It does not have to cost you too much, you can have a simple and inexpensive yet unique set up that shows off your personal style.


Flowers and drape wedding ceremony backdrop
Green arch and drape wedding backdrop
colorful flowers and drape backdrop wedding ceremony
Green top drape and lights wedding backdrop
beautiful floral runway into backdrop wedding ceremony
outdoor weddings backdrop decoration


Your wedding photos will be absolutely charming!


diy oversized polaroid photo booth
Wedding Photo Backdrop Chalkboard
Wooden photbooth backdrop
Polaroid photobooth with purple balloons
Photobooth idea
wedding quotes diy photobooth props


Here is an idea!  Photo booths are becoming a very popular part of a wedding these days.  With a little creativity and some props, you can turn your ceremony arch or backdrop into a photo booth after your ceremony.  A fantastic way for the guests to remember your special day.  You can have your photographer snap away pictures of guests, added to a picture frame and you will have a fantastic favor which will stay around for years and years.  Of course, you can use it to decorate the back of your sweetheart table or keep it behind your wedding cake


Definitely will add some whimsy to your big day!


Heart shape floral wedding ceremony backdrop
beautiful floral heart shape backdrop
white flower heart shape backdrop for sweetheart table
beautiful heart shape backdrop wedding ceremony
amazing purple heart wedding ceremony backdrop
pink white flowers heart arch
Aluminum modern wedding ceremony backdrop
huge red roses heart shape wedding backdrop
Beach ceremony floral heart shape decor
Grand floral wedding ceremony decor


Personally, glitters, flowers and candles are my favorites, what about you?



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