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Sweet Spring Wedding Ideas for Our Favorite Season

February 28, 2023


Sweet Spring Wedding Ideas for Our Favorite Season


Spring is a great time of the year! Spring marks the onset of great weather and beautiful landscapes. Flowers begin to blossom; days start getting longer, with warmth slowly taking over. With the great outdoors and vibrant scenery during this season, many couples like getting married in spring. If you are one of these couples and are wondering how to go about it, this guide will get you started with sweet spring wedding ideas! Read on to find out valuable tips for your upcoming spring wedding.

Wedding couple with flowers

Use Floral Hair Accessories

Springtime is synonymous with flowers blossoming and the outdoors looking spectacular. Therefore, adding some blossoms to your bridal hair is an excellent idea. You will have a natural springy look that fits perfectly into this time of the year. There are many floral hair ideas you can consider depending on your preferences and your wedding style. For instance, you can rock a flower crown, add flowers to your braid, or even wear an intricate floral tiara. Go for something that blends in perfectly with your wedding dress and theme. You can use pins or hair clips for a more understated look. The many variations give you a wide range of options to consider.

Embrace a Pastel Palette

Spring syncs perfectly with a pastel palette. Therefore, you should consider filling rustic crates with delphinium bloom for a surprise pop of pastel. Implementing this in your wedding look will give it a classy, springy touch. This installation is much better than the traditional entryways that often lack pop and color. Dressing it with ivy and climbing jasmine helps bring the most out of a pastel palette.

Those not sold on the idea of too much color will love subtle pastel colors. Adding these colors to your decor gives a laid-back touch of class that isn't too shouting or intrusive. For instance, you can go for pastel linens paired with some neutral flowers. Alternatively, you can keep your flowers and linens neutral and introduce the aspect of color into groomsmen accessories and bridesmaid dresses. There are many options you can consider depending on your preferences!

Add a Touch of Spring to Your Outfits

The wedding outfits are the foundation of your theme, so they should conform to the spring season. You can go for pastel or floral pants or a tie. Springtime allows you to introduce these elements to your dress pattern without compromising. You don't have to worry about too much color or pop because there is no better time to do so! You can also give groomsmen boutonnieres to add a touch of spring to their outfits. They can take part in the wedding's overall floral theme by having them add a single in-season bloom to their lapel. Such simple moves will go a long way in making the wedding springy. However, it is crucial to ensure that each item fits the lapel perfectly for a uniform look. You can have your photographer snap all boutonnieres to ensure uniformity.

Serve Fresh Specialty Cocktails

Cocktails make the wedding rock, as they help guests relax and enjoy the mood. To make the cocktails more appealing, you can add beautiful flowers or plants, depending on the drink. The flowers can be nicely placed inside the ice cubes, while the pretty spring garnishes may be served to the couple with a clothespin. You have many options to choose from during the cocktail hour, depending on what the occasion needs. Either way, you should include a refreshing drink at an alfresco ceremony for more healthy drinks! This will keep the attendees engaged and content.

Select a Seasonal Venue and Bring it All Outdoors

The idea of an outdoor wedding is truly remarkable, and spring makes this a reality. While outdoor weddings are beautiful, there are several things you should be cautious about. For example, springtime can be sunny sometimes. If your wedding happens to be on a sunny day, you need to take precautions, especially if the wedding is outdoors. For instance, you can offer umbrellas to your guests to shield them. Alternatively, you can consider adding matching sunglasses to your wedding day look. This will not only protect guests from the sun's rays but also create a spectacular wedding look. You can imagine how beautiful it can be with guests in stunning sunglasses on a sunny afternoon in spring. Your wedding photos will truly look amazing!

Decorate With Garden Furniture

The wedding venue should look beautiful with neatly decorated garden furniture. Depending on where you are holding the event, ensure that the furniture is well-decorated. Check that you have everything in the right place before the wedding. Of course, you might be too busy with other engagements. If that is the case, have professionals do a virtual tour of the venue to confirm that everything is in order. Working with experienced professionals like 360SiteVist is quite beneficial because they shoot right before a wedding, so you’ll get a great idea of what the venue looks like all set up. You will get a complete view of the venue and see what needs to be changed, replaced, or modified. You will also get ideas for decorating, and furniture arrangement, among others!

Getting a complete view of how the wedding venue can look will keep ideas coming. Whether it is a brighter-looking set of flowers or new tables, you will know exactly what you need. You can line your ceremony aisle with flowers to create a spectacular view. This is a natural look that elevates your wedding venue despite the setting. Whether your outdoor wedding is in your backyard or open garden, decorating its garden furniture creates an excellent touch of class.


Plan a Flower Toss Exit

Beautiful weddings have flower toss exists, and so should yours. The flower toss exit ceremony adds a great touch to your spring wedding. It is a scenic and fun session that your guests will love to participate in. They will love showering you with cute little flowers after exchanging your vows. For this part, ensure there is enough space to accommodate everyone. If possible, the furniture should be kept away to create free space for guests. Doing so will prevent slip-and-fall accidents and provide sufficient space for guests to dance and move around. Most couples have a say in the type of flowers used at the flower toss exit. If you would love to pick a color, be sure to stick to the general springy wedding theme. This creates beautiful scenes while you walk down the aisle with the love of your life!

Gift Springy Favors

Wedding flower centerpieces

Most people shy away from considering wedding favors because they are often a tricky subject. While you want to gift your guests something to thank them for gracing your wedding, you might not want to spend money on a gift that might get left behind. This is why it is better to hand out seasonal favors such as mini plants or wildflower seeds. Your guests will be happy to take them home and grow them. This idea has worked for many couples, as seasonal favors are rarely left by guests. What makes this idea great is that there are many options you can choose from. You can customize each gift depending on the individual's preferences. Of course, this works if you are expecting a fixed number of people.


Now that you know a few spring wedding ideas, it is time to start thinking about your big day. Spring is truly a remarkable time to tie the knot; these ideas will make the process slightly easier. The key is ensuring everything has a springy touch, no matter the wedding location. Don’t forget to take a virtual tour of wedding venues on our site.

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