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Music to My Heart: DJ or Band?

Dancing Couples During Party Or Wedding Celebration

You can choose various types of entertainment for your wedding. When it comes to music, the first thing you have to decide is DJ or Live Band. What do you want your first dance to sound like?

Here are a few factors to consider:


COST: Bands cost approximately 3x more than a DJ. DJ prices can range from $1,500-$2500.

VERSATILITY: Band plays around 20-30 songs a night vs. a DJ is continuous music all night. Remember bands take breaks throughout the night.

GUESTS: Band may be the preferred choice for older mature guests while DJ is for younger guests. With a DJ, you and your guest can dance the night away.

SPACE: Band setups take up more real estate; DJs require limited space.
MEMORABLE: Band may provide a more memorable moment with their presence and performance; a DJ is more for dancing.

ACOUSTIC: Band volume may be on the loud side.

MC: Having a great Master of Ceremony is key. He/She will conduct and work the room based on the mood of your guests.

DO YOU LIKE THEM: Whoever your pick, trust your gut when you meet them. Are they easy to work with? Are they accommodating? Do they have presences? Are they professional? Do you like them?

Regardless of whether your choice is a DJ or band, Nanina’s in the Park can create the perfect space. Their ballroom was renovated in 2018, and was designed to enhance every moment of your special occasion. 

With stunning lighting and chandeliers, a large dance floor, and a special spot for the main couple’s table, the Tuscan Villa inspired architecture is a fabulous backdrop for your special day.

Nanina's in the Park Ballroom

Your wedding will be perfect no matter what form of entertainment you choose.  The sound of music will come from the love in your heart.  You’ve got your life partner, you’ve got your family and friends to help you celebrate!  No matter how it is delivered, sweet music is all around you.
Hope this helps.  Happy planning!

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