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Of course, the wedding is always about the bride and groom, but the happy couple wants to be sure their wedding guests enjoy their best day ever too. 

That’s why the wedding reception is about so much more than exceptional cuisine and impressive decor and ambiance. 

It’s about the presentation and delivery of service, from entry level positions to management. More importantly than the flatware, place settings, stemware, and table linens, are the engagement and interaction with your wedding guests which can have a lasting impression. 

The entire staff of the venue can assure the wedding guests that their experience is of the utmost importance to them through their sincere interest in wanting to provide the very best the venue has to offer.

It’s about more than a smile and friendly exchange. 

It’s essential that everyone on the staff, from the valet to the servers to the chef to the event coordinator, be on the same menu, or rather the same page.  Their mission to provide above and beyond service to every guest at the venue must be communicated in the execution of all services from the moment the guests walk onto the property to the moment they leave. An attentive and accommodating staff will be more likely to assure the couple and their guests that they are committed to making sure that everything is taken care of and every detail will be addressed.  

From formal attire to refined etiquette to impeccable service, a staff that is dedicated to surpassing expectations in providing a most memorable experience at the venue is one to be revisited time and time again. 

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Finally, the team at 360sitevisit wishes all the Brides and Grooms a lifetime of love & happiness. Your wedding day is an experience from beginning to end. Inspire our brides to be to create an unforgettable event by sharing your story. What was your favorite part of your wedding experience?

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