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Anthony Vazquez Photographer

Anthony Vazquez Photographer

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About Anthony Vazquez Photographer,NY

Fusing influences from the world of fashion, photojournalism and traditional schools of art photography, the team at Anthony Vazquez is known around the globe for its gallery-worthy event images and imaginative approach – while offering a level of talent and perspective rarely seen in the field. A striking blend of classical, edgy, editorial and journalistic styles, the AV team pushes the limits of the conventional event photography that has graced photo albums of the past, providing each and every one of its clients with a stunningly personalized, visionary final product.

With their unique artist’s eye and passion for event photography, our photographers ensure that each client occasion – from a Manhattan black tie gala celebration to a sunset beach wedding with toes in the sand – is illuminated with the distinctive, innovative style that has become the Anthony Vazquez signature.

Their approachable yet creative manner allows clients to relax, enjoy and just be present. And from the most riveting expressions of joy to the barest glimmer of tears, from majestic, thrilling moments to the tiniest of details, they capture every poignant nuance of your day and turn it into living art. The end result goes infinitely beyond just hiring a photographer for the day…….it is entrusting an artist to create unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.

“We have always strived to create a vision that is different from what most see in the mainstream, and work closely with our clients to ensure that this vision becomes a reality. We bring an innovative edge to our work that we believe is unique, unmatched in this industry. For our team, no two shoots are ever alike – and it thrills us when clients are delighted with the results!” AV


Blending the joy of an event with local flavors, colors and cultures is a vital part of our work. We have traveled all over the world photographing destination weddings and events, from the exotic to the tropical to the internationally chic. Whether you are celebrating barefoot in the surf in the Caribbean, clinking glasses in a Tuscan villa, dancing on the cobblestones of a Parisian street or toasting the sunset in Thailand, we will capture each and every moment, creating magnetic, one-of-a-kind images for our clients.

Destination events can take months of planning, yet they can feel like they breeze by in an instant! But when the spectacular rush of your celebration is done – whether locally in the Hamptons or several time zones away in an exotic locale – our clients have original, eloquent memories they will cherish for years to come.

“I feel honored to have been given such incredible opportunities to broaden my perspective and create images in such a magnificent variety of settings, landscapes and international cultures. It’s not just visual, its about the varied energies and personalities these locations can offer that we capture for our clients. I love the mystique and allure of shooting internationally, and I bring each unique perspective into my photography every single day.” AV


Every wedding or event we shoot begins with a private creative consultation in our charming Manhattan studio or teleconferenced.

The consultation is an opportunity for you to become more familiar with our work and for us to learn more about your story, your hopes and your individual vision for chronicling your special day, so we can brainstorm and create a concept for your event photography that is not only spectacular, but uniquely yours.

We do a number of events in Florida as well as many other destinations around the world. We cater to clients in every time zone!

Please call (888) 267-1923 to schedule a private appointment.

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