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About Baked,NY Baked LOVES YOU. Matt and Renato really, really like dessert. Perhaps, a little too much. They tend to think of themselves as dessert archeologists - digging and researching and eating their way through the regional desserts of America. They spend a disproportionate amount of their vacation time in bakeries, chocolate shops, coffee houses, and used book stores and they spend almost all of their discretionary income on cake and coffee and cookies and wine. Founders MATT & RENATO REALLY LIKE CAKE Like all great entrepreneurs, Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito bit off more than they could chew (pun mostly not intended). They pursued their dream at all costs while ignoring simple realities like financing (or lack thereof), New York City foodservice and zoning applications (there are many and they are lengthy), and a business plan (we couldn't get beyond the first sentence "Open a great American bakery that is not a cupcake shop". WEDDINGS Everyone should get a little Baked on their wedding day. Baked Weddings is a natural extension of our bakery and philosophy — fun, delicious, modern, and beautiful. Our Wedding design team is immensely talented, and this gallery represents a sampling of some of their latest work. Feel free to browse for inspiration, or just browse for the heck of it. 1. Browse our wedding design gallery for design inspiration and general Baked design sensibilities. Browse 2. Peruse our cake flavor gallery. Almost any cake flavor can be turned into a great wedding cake.

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Baked, 279, Church Street, Tribeca, Manhattan Community Board 1, Manhattan, New York County, New York, 10013, United States

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(646) 627-6308





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