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About Biltmore Tuxedos Best TUXEDOS vendor in RIDGEWOOD,NJ

Going formal … Go first class!

Since 1948, Biltmore Tuxedos has proudly served northern New Jersey as its premier men’s formal-wear establishment. Our commitment to service and our outstanding business model have changed very little in that time. We still promise first-rate service and fit and an in-stock selection of all the latest styles.



Our comprehensive selection

Biltmore Tuxedos offers the latest in classic and contemporary formalwear, with a wide selection of tuxedos and accessories to suit your personal style. Tuxedos are available for rental or purchase and are all in stock, something you won’t find at larger chains or department stores. We carry many famous designer tuxedos, including:


Ralph Lauren

Jean Yves

Joseph Abboud

Perry Ellis

Oscar De la Renta

Calvin Klein

David Donahue

Jack Victor

Ike Behar

Hugo Boss


Jack Victor



To complete your look, Biltmore Tuxedos offers a fine selection of accessories such as shirts, vests, cummerbunds, ties, cufflinks, studs, suspenders, pocket squares, and shoes for rental or purchase.


Outstanding service

Whether you’re renting or buying formalwear, we want your shopping experience to be relaxed and enjoyable. From the moment you step inside our elegant showroom, you’ll know our service is second to none. It is that quality that has kept us proudly family-owned and operated for over fifty years.


The staff at Biltmore Tuxedoes prides themselves on providing personalized service and a wealth of knowledge to help you select the formalwear that’s right for you. Our expert in-house tailor ensures the right fit and makes any necessary adjustments while you wait. Because all of our merchandise is in stock, we offer same-day service


Out of town people at your wedding? NO PROBLEM

Biltmore Tuxedos will supply you with an out-of-town measurement form. You simply send it to your out-of-town groomsman, and he will go to his local tuxedo store to be measured. This is done free of charge around the country. Once he is fitted, your groomsman will mail the form back to Biltmore and we will fill an order for him.


When he arrives to pick up for your wedding, he will try on his tuxedo; if any adjustments need to be made, they will be made on the premises while he waits. Because we carry everything in stock and have a tailor on premises at all times there are no last-minute mistakes. THE BIG CHAIN STORES CAN NOT PROMISE THIS.


Deals and specials

Biltmore Tuxedos offers several special features, including


Special prom and group rates

FREE tuxedo for the groom with a party of 5 or more

Dark suit rentals

Same-day service

Looking for a special gift? Biltmore Tuxedos will also be happy to help you customize gifts for your wedding party. Visit our showroom for a complete selection.


Questions? Comments? E-mail us.

Our upscale services

With an impressive selection of men’s formal wear for rental and sale, Biltmore Tuxedos offers an experience that is second to none.


From fit to finish, the quality of service that goes into outfitting our clients is as apparent as it was over 60 years ago when we began.


A wide in-stock selection of tuxedos and accessories

On-site tailoring

Online measurement submission

Large selection of cufflinks and men’s gifts

Free tuxedo rental to the groom w/ 5 additional attendants

Same day service

Suit Rentals

People traveling from out of town?

Whatever your event, Biltmore can effortlessly accommodate out of the area clients. All we need is your measurements. Simply click the link below to get started.

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Biltmore Tuxedos, 36, East Ridgewood Avenue, Downtown Ridgewood, Ridgewood, Bergen County, New Jersey, 07450, United States

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