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dp Studio Ting Yi

dp Studio Ting Yi

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I'm a mother of two, a chaser of dreams, and a lover of love. With over ten years of professional photography experience, I have seen hundreds of weddings of different cultures and backgrounds, from the cozy to the extravagant, from harbors to the countryside. Yet every single one of them felt so unique, and the emotions and interactions felt so moving and genuine. We love capturing couples experiencing their dreams come true.


From when I was young I was always an adventurer, wanting to experience the diverse and vibrant facets of life! Over 10 years ago I indulged in the explorer side of me and made the big move halfway across the world from Taiwan to New York. Needless to say, it was a barrage of different sights, smells, and experiences! I soon found that the city hummed with so many cultures, backgrounds, and identities that all had one common yet powerful tie: love.
I have had the incredible honor of capturing not only American but also Korean, Indian, Italian, Irish, and Chinese weddings. Each story was so unique and touching, there are so many moments of vulnerability, elation, and togetherness. Even after over 500 weddings, I still find myself tearing up and my heart swelling from the joyous celebration of pure love.


We understand that finding the perfect photographer and cinematographer for your wedding day may be challenging. You want the assurance that your team will provide something unique, fresh, as well as personal and authentic with a seamless vision and execution, At The Ting Yi Studio, we do that for you.

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