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About Forever Brooch Bouquets
forever Brooch Bouquets is a one-of-a-kind, award-winning company that specializes in handmade floral arrangements, bouquets, home decor, & accessories that can be personalized using up-cycled clothing and jewelry from friends and family. Our custom pieces are filled with heirlooms and memories that get a 'new life' for you to pass down to your children. Styrofoam is never used; only lightweight wire to ensure durability and longevity. Forever Brooch Bouquets has been published in six-page spreads of multiple issues of Manhattan Bride Magazine, & two Royal wedding issues of BRIDES UK Magazine. We have also recently been approached by Vogue London, and have won the “Best of 2018” & "Best of 2019" awards for Manhattan Bride Magazine. We work with ANY budget; every Bride can have a custom piece to last...forever
Hi! I'm Michelle,
owner, and designer
It all started back in 2011 for my own wedding. I wanted to carry a bouquet that held a lot of meaning for me; something that would never die. Something that I would be able to take out in the years to follow to remind me of that fairy-tale day. So, I asked a number of my closest friends, family members, and patients (I was working in the medical field at the time – oncology), for a brooch or a piece of jewelry and clothing that I could use to create my “forever bouquet.” The result was breathtaking! I had the most beautiful, meaningful cluster of memories to walk down the aisle with. The pieces of jewelry given to me spanned the ages: a brooch from World War II that a patient’s husband gave me, jewelry from my mother’s collection, some new pieces from my sister. One was even from a patient's four-year-old daughter - a pink butterfly. Fast forward to five years... After I had my second daughter, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. One afternoon, while reminiscing about my wedding, I took my bouquet down from the shelf and looked at all the brooches. Then it struck me! Why not do this for other brides? Custom floral designs and accessories using up-cycled clothing and jewelry; wedding dresses, ties, blazers, baby onesies, t-shirts...the possibilities, I realized, were endless. And so it began. Forever Brooch Bouquets was born. Now… To date, we have made many unique and custom floral designs and accessories using a late friend's cardigan, a late Mother's 50-year-old wedding dress,  a late Father's button-down shirt, vintage jewelry, a Purpleheart from Vietnam ...the list goes on and on. We have been published in BRIDES UK Magazine, in addition to full 6-page spreads in multiple issues of Manhattan Bride Magazine.   We are recipients of "Best of Manhattan Bride 2018” and "Best of Manhattan Bride 2019" awards from the prestigious Manhattan Bride Magazine and have been approached by Vogue London. We love what we do. We love making people smile. We love being able to hand-make an heirloom that a bride will be able to keep for a lifetime. Allow us to do it for you as well.

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