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Gino Carpio

Gino Carpio

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About Gino Carpio,NY


I knew this was going to be my future since I was 15 years old. Starting this journey with a simple remix, I have now combined my DJ abilities with being an event host. These two talents go hand in hand when dealing with any type of event. Being a turntablist is something I was born with and learning new techniques is what keeps my brain wanting more. Now, having the capacity to know what style of music my clients expect, I now have the dexterity to control a crowd with ease. Ranging from birthday parties to corporate events, weddings to game shows, hosting has become second nature to me.

Get ready for the ultimate party experience.


Two turntables and a mic is where it all started for Gino Carpio. The foundation began with learning how to mix and blend tracks. The technique to scratch was something that intrigued him so there began a journey to add scratching to his repertoire. Later on came the microphone. The ability to grab a mic and lead a crowd into a memorable night was something that came naturally. Touring the world hosting events became a new passion alongside being a turntablist but the destination had more in mind for Gino. After having some fun with action cameras a new spark happened. Capturing not only still images but also moving ones. Videography has become one of Gino Carpio’s fortes. The eye, equally evolving with his ear and mind allowed him to seamlessly incorporate videography to his list of talents. Content creation was the destination and the GPS took him right to it! Soaring high in the sky with DJI drones, shortly after he added FPV for a more action-packed experience for any client. Who knows which will be next!

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Forest Hills, 71st Avenue, Forest Hills Gardens, Queens, Queens County, New York, 11375, United States
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