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Henry Carlyle MAGICIANS

Henry Carlyle MAGICIANS

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About Henry Carlyle MAGICIANS,NJ

Give your event a boost of high-quality entertainment

Henry Carlyle has rapidly built a reputation as an act that MUST NOT be missed. Specializing in magical entertainment and mentalism with a comedic touch, Henry Carlyle performs mind-blowing magic and mental illusions for celebrities, private parties, and for many Fortune 500 companies. Witness upscale, interactive close-up magic that will leave a lasting impression with your important guests.

You WILL NOT see an entertainer in a crazy outfit. This is not a performance with rabbits from hats. There will be no live animals, no clown noses, no vulgarity, and no off-color material that would reflect negatively on you or your company.

You WILL see the sophisticated sleight of hand magic that will leave your guests thoroughly entertained. You will see the laws of physics defied.

You WILL see the unexplainable happen right before your eyes. In the stage act, Henry will reveal things only you could possibly know! It’s as if he knows what you are thinking! It is a fast-moving show that is enjoyable and memorable. Treat your guests to the master of magical entertainment, Henry Carlyle.

Latest Raves & Reviews

“My wife and I were most impressed with your roving magical show last evening at Forsgate Country Club. You match up with some of the best magicians we have seen over the years, no one in Las Vegas can do more than what we saw. Please let us know when you will be appearing again in our area.”


Gail & Ron Trautz

“Henry came to our Annual Finance Conference and entertained in the middle of a long day of presentations. The audience reacted extremely positively and it really helped re-energize the group. He was smart and funny and absolutely on-target for this corporate setting. He was the perfect choice for this event.”

Elizabeth W.

Warnaco Corp. Purchase, NY

“Henry’s mindreading tricks are amazing and left everyone talking about him the rest of the night. He is charismatic, very funny and very talented. We hired him for a Sony USA corporate holiday party, and his performance was perfect for the corporate setting. Very tasteful and entertaining, would highly recommend!!”

Amber M.


About Henry

HENRY CARLYLE is a professional entertainer based in the New York City area. He specializes in close-up, sleight of hand magic for celebrities, upscale parties, and Fortune 500 companies. He also has 45-minute mentalism and mind-reading stage act tailored to the sophisticated audience.

A mainstay in Atlantic City, Henry Carlyle has performed at Lincoln Center and recently performed for Sting and his family. Arnold Palmer, Bill Murray, Johnny Miller, and Peter Jacobson have also been recent “victims” of Henry Carlyle.

A 1 handicap golfer, Henry often performs at private country clubs around the United States. He is the house magician at Forsgate Country Club in New Jersey and Laurel Oak Country Club in Florida. He performs regularly at Emma’s Brick Oven Cafe in Cranford, NJ. Mr. Carlyle is also a frequently scheduled lecturer to magicians’ groups.

His fast-moving show features magic, comedy, and mentalism with an entertainingly comedic touch. This is an incredible mind-blowing show which you will not forget. With Henry Carlyle, legerdemain and laughter come together as they never have before.

Dual Life

For 20 years Henry Carlyle led a dual life. Laboring as a Senior Vice-President of a large brokerage firm by day, then exchanging his pinstripes for a magician’s tuxedo by night, Henry honed his act and polished his skills with real-life experience.

Henry Carlyle has combined his years on Wall Street with his skills as a professional sleight of hand magicians to create and deliver a sophisticated one-man magic and mindreading show that is full of unforgettable demonstrations. Comedy and audience participation are hallmarks of Mr. Carlyle’s mentalism act

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