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Reverend Rita C. Atlas

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About Reverend Rita C. Atlas Best OFFICIANTS vendor in Matawan,NJ

Interfaith Minister & Wedding Officiant

I believe that every wedding is a special blessing and that everyone, no matter their faith or orientation, deserves to have a special day, just the way they like it. This philosophy is the reason I chose to become an Interfaith Minister and wedding officiant in New Jersey. I officiate at interfaith weddings, same-sex weddings, baby namings, and funerals in the Old Bridge and Matawan areas as well as most other areas in New Jersey. I do ceremonies at reception sites, private homes, restaurants, beaches, and parks. The major difference with choosing me as your wedding officiant is the level of respect you will experience for each and every person. As part of my process, I insist on getting to know the individuals involved in the ceremony. For weddings, I want to know about each person and the unique nature of their relationship so that I can express that as best as possible to those in attendance. For me, each and every person and ceremony is beautiful and special in its own unique way. If this sounds like the type of experience you would like for your special day, please contact me online or by phone (732) 566-1085 (home) or (732) 672-1940 (cell).

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I believe that all people, all faiths, and all orientations are important. I bring my love of people into every ceremony that I create. In all the ceremonies that I create, the thing that I find most important is that the people involved have the ceremony that they want. Therefore, although the following philosophies are what I believe in, I work with you and pay close attention to your wishes. As I always say, it is not what I believe is important, but what you believe in and want. Since it is your ceremony, the most important thing is that you are happy and satisfied with it and have the rituals and traditions in it that you want. The thing that I most like to hear after I perform a ceremony is that is was just what you wanted. WEDDINGS and CIVIL UNION CEREMONIES When I create a wedding ceremony, vow renewal or civil union ceremony, I meet with the couple and discuss the traditions and rituals that are important to them. I suggest things that might enhance their ceremony and make it special. I find out as much as possible about the relationship that the two people have so that I can share it with the guests at the ceremony. I believe that it is important for guests to get a sense of who is getting married and what their relationship is like. When I officiate at a ceremony, I bring love, caring and a sense of joy to the occasion. Since I know that people like to be included, I encourage couples to include family and friends in the ceremony. BABY NAMINGS I believe that baby namings are very special occasions. Not only are we welcoming a new life into the community, but we are celebrating the love that created this new life. I like to remind everyone of the hope for the future that every new child gives us. All of the above are important occasions that deserve important ceremonies. I would love to work with you to create that special ceremony that you deserve. ABOUT ME I was happily married to my husband for over twenty-eight years. I have one daughter, two step-daughters and five grandchildren. Family and friends are very important to me. However, at some point, I realized how important spirituality was. This led me in 2004 to become ordained at All Faiths Seminary in New York as an interfaith minister. My ministry has brought me great joy and satisfaction and I like to believe that I am able to share my joy with the people for whom I create ceremonies. PHILOSOPHY I believe that every ceremony is a special occasion and you, therefore, should have a special ceremony. I create ceremonies that are designed specifically for you. They incorporate rituals that have meaning to you. These ceremonies are created to give everyone present a sense of who you are. If this is a wedding or commitment ceremony, everyone present will better understand the love that the two people have for each other. If this is a funeral ceremony, people will walk away with a real sense of who the deceased person was. The ceremony will put the mourners in touch with the unique qualities that made the deceased special. If this is a baby naming, the ceremony will be created to express the absolute joy that is present with the birth of a baby. Whatever the ceremony is, I will work with you to ensure that you have a ceremony that is special and represents who you are. I will meet with you and together we will create a wonderful ceremony for you.

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