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11 Wedding Food Ideas That Are Fun!

March 23, 2021




As much as food trends continue to excite and impress year over year, so does wedding reception meals continues to have an adverse connotation. Guests with drooping hopes may envision under-seasoned steamed veggies and dry chicken dumplings on their plate. Let’s accept it, wedding food often gets a bad rap.

Lucky for you, it doesn't always have to be that way. If you wish to wow and blow your guests away with your wedding meal, then go ahead and bend some rules. Have a little fun while you're at it!

There is no wedding meal book or rule that says you have to serve meals with upholding age-old wedding traditions. So don't be afraid to spice things up a bit.

In its place, consider the type of food you thoroughly enjoy in any situation. What is it that you really want to eat on the most special and best day of your life?

If you prefer, replace the massive, fondant-covered cake with tiny, endearing cupcakes in your favorite flavor. If you and your better half are not a fan of frosting, then opt for tarts or pies instead.

From your cocktail hour to the cake-cutting, we suggest you to embrace any food item that adds fun and quaintness to an already exhilarating day. Continue reading this post to learn about some of our favorite wedding food ideas that are fun!

For fun wedding food ideas, we advise talking to your caterer and ask about ways to make conventional wedding meals more fun. Other option, you can go with self-service food bars and kiosks to kick start the party. To get in touch with some of the best New Jersey caterers, click here.

It is all about getting creative and discovering something that both you and your wedding attendants will enjoy and love.

The possibilities are endless. 

Here are some of our favorite fun wedding food ideas that are inspired by real weddings.

#1: Skip massive, fondant-covered cake for cupcakes

As with time, wedding traditions and rituals become more flexible, yielding to personal style and taste. We see more and more to-be-weds deciding to swap out the multi-storied, fondant wedding cake for endearing and playful assortment of cupcakes or smaller desserts.

We know that this wedding food idea may still gather some critical comment. But, as long as you and your partner are happy with the choice, that is all that truly matters.

Need help with delicious cupcakes or desserts for your wedding in New Jersey? Click here to explore a number of amazing dessert vendors in New Jersey!

#2: Mini grilled cheese for bite-sized fun

Now who doesn’t love cheese? In a way, all tiny, endearing food could be deemed super fun, however something as comforting and nostalgic as a gooey grilled cheese is unquestionably gratifying. If you want to make it even more bite-sized fun, consider pairing them with mini cups of tomato soup! Who could say no to that? 



#3: Beer and pretzel bar for a fun food bar experience

There is no denying that anything that combines good food and booze is bound to be a crowd-pleaser. Nonetheless this option is most likely to surprise all wedding guests as well. For fun wedding food, try pairing assorted pretzel varieties with an array of beers for a food bar experience that is cool and fun.

#4: Cookies for a cake-less wedding

If you and your soon-to-be-wed partner are not cake people and wish to forgo cake or cupcakes altogether, then having exquisite, freshly made cookies in your favorite flavor can be your go-to alternative.

Understand that cookies do not always have to appear plain. There is so much you can do to make them look attractive and appealing. Decorate them with stunning fruits or florals, along with custom designs and watercolors. 

With cookies on the dessert table, the wedding guests can have a simpler option for ‘after-dinner confections’ before they decide to hit the dance floor and get the party started.

If you are looking for high-quality dessert vendor in New York, be sure to check out Sugar Ink.  They are famous for edible printing on cookies, cupcakes and so much more! 



#5: Mini margaritas and tacos for an exciting fiesta

There are few food items that scream party and fun such as margaritas and tacos. So why not bring the fête to your wedding reception?

Believe us, your wedding attendants will thoroughly enjoy and love the creativity of circulated mini refreshing margaritas paired with tiny flavorful tacos. Furthermore, there is so much you can do and play with taco flavors – go spicy, vegan, and even offer a meatless option for all your vegetarian friends!

#6: Go doughnuts and forget about plate or fork

Just because your wedding reception is not at brunch time, do not assume doughnuts are out of the question. In fact, the outcome of fresh doughnuts on your dessert counter will be more significant when your wedding guests show up presuming traditional wedding setting. You know what makes this fun wedding food idea even better? Your guests do not require a plate or fork to eat doughnuts. Just pair them with customized, cute napkins, and they are good to go.

Taylor Hopkins Cakes & Desserts and Palermo’s Custom Cakes & Desserts can make your doughnuts so good that nobody can stop eating!

#7: Assorted popcorn kiosk for snacking

Whether it is between hors d'oeuvres, main course and the cake cutting, there bound to be a few wedding guests who are on the hunt for a snack. An excellent way to keep everybody fed all night or throughout the wedding festivities is to provide snacks on hand. Setting up assorted popcorn kiosks with flavors like caramel, the classic Chicago trio of cheese, or even plain butter, can be the perfect solution for anybody looking for a munch.

#8: Homemade Pie for a personal touch

Perhaps the best aspect of serving a homemade pie at your wedding is the personal touch it can provide. There is a sense of hominess and comfort to pies that almost necessitates you to incorporate a nod to a secret family recipe. Homemade pies are a remarkable way to for further personalizing your wedding reception. Plus, it is also a great way to make special people in your life feel involved in your big day.

#9: Mini ice cream cones for some summer fun

Who says ice cream cones are only for the little ones? Though this is an excellent option for all the children attending at your reception, nonetheless, grownups are bound to love it just as much.

You can add a lot of fun with tad bit of nostalgia with various flavored mini ice cream cones to your summer wedding reception.

#10: Skewered chocolate-covered bacon

Of all items you can serve on a skewer, this may just bag the award for the most delectable and unexpected for your guests. If you are a couple who is obsessed with bacon, we suggest you go all in! Smoky, salty, and sweet—all the greatest flavors in one skewer!

#11: Cheese and Macaroni Lollipops

There is high likelihood that the majority of your wedding attendants love cheese and macaroni. Why not take this homely dish to a fresh, unique level? Cheese and macaroni lollipops can be fried to golden perfection for some tantalizing deliciousness for the guests taste buds. Plus, it is great for easy eating and can be devoured on the move.


We hope these eleven delicious and fun wedding food ideas help you wow and impress guests and make the event memorable for everybody. Please note that these are just a few of the many things you can do to make your wedding reception meal unique and fun. So, let your creative juices flow and come with something that becomes talk of the town. Sky is the limit, so be sure to experiment and make it all worthwhile!

If you are searching for wedding catering options in New Jersey, click here to explore a myriad of options!




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