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Chateau Grande Hotel | Ideal Wedding Venue and Restaurant & Hotel

June 02, 2021


The Chateau Grande Hotel

Are you looking for an ideal wedding venue in New Jersey?


The ring is on your finger and the date has been chosen, now what’s the next step?


Do you wish to celebrate your wedding day in a wonderful pompous venue?


If yes, then Chateau Grande Hotel will rise to the occasion magnificently! A wedding ceremony symbolizes the union of two souls into a single heartbeat. Your nuptial ceremony is not just any other ordinary day; the power and memory it holds are phenomenal. It deserves to be celebrated in a luxury wedding venue with great happiness and exhilaration, right? Getting married to the love of your life in a magnificent and romantic matrimonial venue is the dream of every individual.  Choosing the perfect wedding venue is extremely important because the big day might just come and pass, but it will be captured in photographs forever. Cannot compromise on that!


If you want to create an ever-lasting impression on your guests and want to make this big day to be the most memorable day of your life, Chateau Grande Hotel with a wedding venue is the ultimate option. This magnificent hotel is located in East Brunswick, New Jersey. The great Chateau Orchard Park belongs to celebrity Chef David Burke!


Chef David Burke


The wedding venue virtual tour will leave you awe-struck by the beauty and grace of the location. We recommend it as the best wedding venue in New Jersey because of the following reasons:


Offers unparalleled luxury weddings                                             


The Chateau wedding venue located in NJ serves to be the heart of the tri-state. With its magnificent building and an extraordinary level of refinement, it has won the hearts of many couples. The dreamy banquet halls and spacious outdoor reception prove to be great for destination weddings, as well. So, if you are opting for a destination wedding in NJ, book this Chateau wedding venue without any further delay! Or a great location for a local wedding.


Grande celebrations                                           


Booking a hotel with a wedding venue makes the event more unique and memorable. If you have a particular wedding mood board or theme in your mind that you want to apply, Chateau Grande Hotel gives you enough space and aesthetics to do that. With its idyllic French-American facilities and a proper fit for all occasions, get ready to experience the magical big day of your life.


Sets the magical backdrop of your big day


“How will the Chateau wedding venue set a magical backdrop for my wedding ceremony?”


A lot of couples ask this question! Well, the answer is pretty simple. The sleek art decor and modern sophisticated design sets the tone for your ceremony. The stunning grounds, spacious halls, and elegant interiors complete the tying of the knot. Along with that, Chateau Grande Hotel is composed of a foreign collection of immensely resplendent Strauss crystal chandeliers that enhance the beauty of the hall. In addition to that, a separate ballroom with crown molding is also available!


Outdoor and Indoor weddings


The best part of this wedding venue in NJ is that it offers both outdoor and indoor ceremonies. If you love scenery and nature, the spacious gardens and gloriously timbered Orchard Park of The Chateau Grande Hotel will give you splendid outdoor wedding reception.


On the other hand, if you prefer indoor wedding celebrations, the Chateau wedding venue will give you the perfect setup.


Chateau Grande Hotel Angelique Ballroom - Transformed


You can decide to have both your ceremony & reception in the Angelique Ballroom which will transform your celebration with its exquisiteness. With the straight-backed chairs, skillful interiors, fancy chandeliers, fashionable aesthetic table centerpieces, and royal decorations; get ready to experience the best extravagant wedding celebration of your life. 


Chateau Grande Hotel Sweetheart Table Setup


Imagine exchanging vows with your beau in a magnificent ballroom surrounded by your family and friends under the light of radiant chandeliers or saying “I do” in a private room exactly designed according to your wedding mood board. How amazing would that be?!


Venue and Hotel set up


The word “Grande” originated from the Roman language meaning romance or great. This hotel with a wedding venue symbolizes the name and provides a romantic and ethereal venue set up for your big day. The hotel itself provides linens, silverware, glassware, floral decorations, and nicely furnished table decorations. In the buzz of wedding preparations, many things may go unnoticed, choosing a wedding venue that provides wedding planning services is the smartest decision you can ever make for yourself and your significant other!


Bridal Balcony Grande Cru Suite


Perfect wedding venue


Choosing a perfect wedding venue isn’t easy. But somebody has to do that, right? After all, it is your once-in-a-lifetime celebration, we cannot compromise on anything! Whether you prefer a nice cozy or intimate room, an elegant ballroom, a big hall, or an outdoor reception; Chateau Grande Hotel offers all types of wedding setups and much more!


The hotel is designed to accommodate a large number of people with great security and flexibility. Choosing a venue that aligns with your vision and mood board will not only give you the best day of your life but your guests will also remember your matrimonial ceremony for years to come.


If you want a modern wedding look, the art galleries and chic French-American style of this hotel will fulfill your dream. But if you want to have an elopement, the cozy and intimate rooms of the Chateau wedding venue will help you achieve that too.


Chateau Grande Hotel Orchard Park Restaurant and Lounge


Many couples like to have a natural-themed wedding, so the outdoor receptions and well-equipped backyards of this venue will bring your natural wedding theme to reality.


Choosing a wedding venue that is well-oriented with your dreamy bridal theme helps you to feel comfortable and more connected with the space. What else can one wish for?


Lighting and illuminations                                                       


Lights can make or break your big day. Setting the mood and space for your venue is an extremely crucial decision. The major reason for suggesting this wedding venue is its tremendous lighting scheme and illuminations. Whether you are planning to get married in broad daylight or on a starry night, the Chateau Grande Hotel manages to capture the exact lighting for you. How? Plenty of windows in the hotel will create the perfect illuminated effect for you. If you are having an evening affair, the great combination of chandeliers, fairy lights, sconces, table lamps, pendant lights, and night lights will help you to celebrate the night-time wedding in a perfect romantic manner.


Stunning view


Keep in mind that your wedding venue acts as the backdrop for all of the events. It is important to keep the view in mind before making the final decision. But guess what? With the Chateau wedding hotel, consider yourself to be in safe hands. The restaurant is smartly constructed in the heart of tri-state which gives you a phenomenal view from every corner of the hotel. Artwork on the walls, soft Persian rugs, chic French-American setup, city skyline, and vista of modern architectural details will give your celebration that elevated eloquent flair. The spacious cocktail room is a beautiful prequel that leads to the restaurant for your wedding reception. 


Modern dining and catering


When it comes to wedding celebrations, food can never be compromised upon. The warm welcome and treatment of guests is the highlight of the whole event. The cocktail room has specially designed additions for your Hors d'Oeuvres, prepared fresh and giving your guests the opportunity to taste different culinary delicacies.


Chateau Grande Hotel Cocktail Hour


Continuing to the restaurant, you can be sure that your guests receive the best treatment for your wedding reception because modern dining and catering are provided under the supervision of celebrity Chef David Burke. Chateau Grande serves as the perfect trifecta of luxury weddings, refined wedding facilities, and amazing bars and restaurants.


Orchard Park by David Burke


There is also a private dining room in the restaurant for additional exquisiteness and intimacy, featuring a gorgeous Himalayan salt brick wall. This can be perfect for intimate wedding affairs and small celebrations, as well as pre and post-wedding gatherings.


Private Dining Room featuring Himalayan Salt brick wall


Post-wedding brunches


A post-wedding brunch is a great way to wind down the wedding festivities. It provides the newlyweds with the perfect opportunity to thank their guests and receive their blessings. This hotel with a wedding venue also allows you to conduct post-wedding brunches. The cozy lounge and restaurant of the wedding venue serve to be the perfect place for brunch. This will also prove to be of tremendous ease for the guests, especially if you are planning a destination wedding.


Gardens for pictures


Wedding pictures capture the sentimental moments of your big day. You can reminisce about the big day for years to come by looking at these pictures. These wedding photographs depict your beautiful love story and therefore deserve to be taken in amazing lighting. Don’t worry, The Chateau Grande Hotel provides a warm botanical garden to take pictures with perfect backgrounds, lights, hues, and shadows.


Even for indoor celebrations, the lightning is specially focused to capture the perfect shots. After all, you are going to have these images for a lifetime, make sure that they embody your life so you can cherish these memories forever.


Affordable and impressive


Last but not the least, even with the plethora of advantages and remarkable matrimonial celebrations characteristics, the pricing criteria are super affordable. You can give reality to your wedding dream theme whilst being on the budget. How amazing is that? 


Some events deserve the highest recognition. Once you cross the threshold of Chateau Grande Hotel, transformation begins. It symbolizes the place where intimacy and grandeur co-exist. If you wish to see more glimpses of this spectacular venue, browse the virtual tour. To book your wedding day there, you can do so by going directly to their WEBSITE.


We would love to receive your feedback on social media but also love to hear your recommendations for which venue you would like to see next! For more wedding venue virtual tours, visit us on 360sitevisit.

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