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Wedding Meme Monday

December 02, 2019


Wedding Meme Monday

wedding meme - photo bombing

Wedding Memes, Wedding photos, and photo-bombing go together better than groomsmen and awkward speeches.

Wedding meme - guest list

Wedding Meme the guest list

So true, the Groom's Side had 2 tables of 10 Bride's side 600, 550 of whom were parent's friends.

Wedding Meme - starting our lives together

The perks of marrying someone involve having a person to split your life mistakes with.

Wedding Meme - The dress

The Dress

The DRESS! You can never go wrong with Wine!

wedding meme - Happy wife, happy life

Marriage is Simple, Just do what she asks. Happy Wife, Happy Life!

wedding meme - The first kiss

Wedding Meme - The Wedding KISS! Your first kiss should be FUN!

wedding meme - waiting for wedding day

OOPS, Look what happened!!

wedding meme - Kevin Heart - forgetting your other half

Don't forget your other half while planning your wedding!

wedding meme - the wife is always watching

Never Forget, Your wife is always watchinggggggggg!!

wedding meme - lake wedding

Don't stress much, whatever happens, it will be a great time!

wedding meme - not official until social media says so

It’s not official until social media says so!

Wedding planning mental breakdown

Wedding planning mental breakdown! The big day is full of love and fun, but very stressful to plan. Stay calm and take one step at a time. It will all work out in the end so don't stress much and have fun planning. We all realize it is easier said than done!

Bridesmaid Dresses

As much fun as shopping is you can never please everyone around you. Have fun shopping with your bridal party but don't expect to make everyone happy with your choice.



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