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Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses for any style wedding

Black and white dress

Bridesmaid Dress‎

That keeps your girls on the dance floor all night long.

bride and bridesmaid dancing

Bridesmaid dresses should be flattering, pop in pictures and compliment the wedding palette but it does not have to cost a fortune.  Remember the time when all bridesmaids had to wear long dresses with the same style and color “Bridesmaids uniform?”.  So much time and effort put into finding the exact match for everyone in the bridal party.  What a relief, those days are over.  More and more brides are asking the bridesmaid to find a dress they like and compliments their body. 

Hotter the weather the shorter the skirt

Stay cool and show some leg

Short Bridesmaid dress

The mismatched dress is what is hot now.  Choose something cute and trendy, something you can wear more than once.  Don’t be afraid to get floral patterns, play around but don’t make it too loud.  Pastel sundresses are a great choice for spring & summer.  Look for fun patterns, strapless, over the shoulder, pleated, or light and breezy bridesmaid dress. 

Bridesmaid’s dress does not have to cost a fortune!

colorful bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaids dresses do not have to cost a lot and be used only once.  Pick a dress that suits you, something you can slightly alter or use as-is on other occasions.  There are so many online vendors selling beautiful bridesmaid dresses cheap (few are listed below).  Find something FUN, CUTE & AFFORDABLE! You can just search for bridesmaid dresses near me.

Don’t keep me in the back of the closet!

Leave traditional behind & put a unique twist on your bridal style!

rustic bridesmaid dress and cowboy boots
Rustic bridesmaids dress and cowboy boots

Looking for a LUXURIOUS EXPERIENCE! Castle Couture has a fabulous selection of designer and couture bridal gowns, evening wear, mother of the bride or groom gowns, prom dresses, pageant gowns, and sparkling accessories! “Enter Castle Couture’s luxurious salon and discover a magical place filled with thousands of gorgeous gowns and dresses from some of the finest designers in the world. From exquisite bridal gowns and evening wear to fabulous prom dresses and sparkling accessories, you are sure to find the perfect dress for your special day. Our professional and dedicated staff provides personalized attention to each and every guest, ensuring your experience at Castle Couture is unforgettable.”

Brides: Sarah (@Smpberns) & Kendall Berns (@bernstagrams) - AZAZIE bridesmaid dresses
AZAZIE – Brides: Sarah (@Smpberns) & Kendall Berns (@bernstagrams)

Are you looking for designer gowns, but just can’t afford any of the big brands? “Azazie has styles that will give you the designer wow factor for WAY LESS!”  AZAZIE, featured on the Today Show, is a place to shop for an affordable bridesmaid dress. Celebrity inspired bridal gowns and gorgeous bridesmaid dresses available in sizes 0 to 30 along with free custom sizing. All you have to do is to go to their site put in your measurements and get your favorite style in your custom size with no extra cost.

Not sold on the idea yet? Check out the stunning bridesmaid dresses below;

Beach wedding floral bridesmaid dress

Romantic Beach Wedding, Bridesmaid dress Floral

Summer sunny days colorful sundresses

Bridesmaid Sundress for Summer Weddings. Summer sunny days are perfect for sundresses, make it colorful.

Elegant for any wedding style, Bridesmaid dress Black

Elegant for any wedding style, Bridesmaid dress Black

Cheap bridesmaid dress

bridesmaid dresses cheap

light and breezy bridesmaid sundress

Light and breezy sundresses

Country rustic wedding bridesmaids cowboy boots
Country rustic wedding bridesmaids cowboy boots
Pick from bridesmaid dresses with sleeves, sleeveless, off the shoulder dresses… You can order bridesmaid dresses online or go to a store near you. What bridesmaid dress colors are popular?
The choices are endless, let’s explore some popular color options;

Bridesmaid Dress Burgundy
Bridesmaid Dress Gold
Bridesmaid Dress Blush
Bridesmaid Dress Rose Gold
Bridesmaid Dress Navy Blue
Bridesmaid Dress Champagne
Bridesmaid Dress Red
Purple dress bridesmaid pink bridesmaid dress
Bridesmaid Dress Dusty Blue
Bridesmaid Dress Dusty Rose
Bridesmaid Dress Floral
Bridesmaid Dress Royal Blue
Bridesmaid Dress Navy
Bridesmaid Dress Mauve
Bridesmaid Dress Maroon
Bridesmaid Dress Lavender
Bridesmaid Dress Green
Bridesmaid Dress Blush Pink
Bridesmaid Dress Yellow

bridesmaid dress
Here is a list of few sites you can find affordable bridesmaid dresses:










Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses
Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Comment below with your favorite dress. Do you know of a good place to look for bridesmaid dresses?


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