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Looking Around the Top Wedding Venues in New Jersey

May 20, 2020




Our lives have many different milestones, and for many, the day they get married is another one of these. It’s a day when you want to be surrounded by the people you love and share with them, the union between you and your spouse. We believe that you need the perfect spot to create this wonderful memory which is why we’re going to take you around some of the best wedding venues in New Jersey.

When you’re looking for the ideal wedding venue, there are a lot of details to consider. This includes how many people you wish to invite, whether you want an outdoor or an indoor wedding, what sort of an overall vibe you’re going for, and so on. Our list encompasses a range of different venues across the state, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Top Wedding Venues in New Jersey

For a virtual tour of each of these venues, head on to 360SiteVisit:

1.      Park Chateau Estate & Gardens

Estate wedding at Park Chateau New Jersey

Consisting of a massive expanse of rolling green gardens, Park Chateau Estate & Gardens has been around for many years and pretty much has it all with the option of both an outdoor and indoor setup. You may choose to have a wedding under the stars in the garden, or inside the wedding hall which is truly a work of art with a tall ceiling, crystal chandeliers, and incredible architecture that resembles ancient French designs (the hall is suitable for more formal events).

This versatile venue is suitable for small, intimate events to larger ones and can seat anywhere around 100 to almost 400 guests.

2.      Park Savoy Estate

Garden Wedding at Park Savoy Estate

Park Savoy is a top choice among couples looking for an elegant wedding affair. Originally built in the late 1800s, the building has gone through many renovations to keep its charm intact but with some upgrades. With immaculate grounds, a grand ballroom with plenty of bay windows and a bridal suite to match, the property overlooks the rolling green expanse of the golf course next door. The ballroom will fulfill all your fairytale fantasies with its gleaming crystal chandeliers, massive windows filtering in plenty of light and antiques from when it was first built.

This venue is ideal for large, regal events and can fit around 400 guests.

3.      Nanina’s in the Park

Nanina's in the Park Indoor wedding

If you’ve ever dreamed of a wedding on a bright sunny day in a quaint village in Italy, Nanina’s in the Park can offer you that experience. This park not only has beautifully maintained grounds but is also known worldwide for its incredible expanse of cherry trees. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time here with the gardens that contain a brook, a stone bridge, fountains, waterfalls, and of course, cobblestones. If you want an indoor event, you can choose their ballroom which has crystal-encrusted chandeliers and a cathedralesque ceiling.

The ballroom can fit up to 400 people, but if you want a more intimate event under the sun, the outdoor venue fits around 200 people.

4.      Valley Regency

Valley Regency Indoor Wedding

Since the past 25+ years, Valley Regency has played host to a number of spectacular weddings. You can choose to have your wedding in the rolling green gardens or indoors in the gold-gilded ballroom, which is ideal for both an intimate event and a larger one with a maximum capacity of around 350 people. The place comes with a bridal suite as well and has plenty of parking space so that your guests don’t have to worry about looking for a decent parking spot. 

5.      The Estate at Florentine Gardens

Florentine Gardens Indoor wedding

With brick walkways, fountains, and gazebos, this wedding venue is sure to fill up your wedding album instantly. The blue-domed rotunda is another excellent backdrop for your wedding photos. Have your wedding on the outdoor terrace, or switch to space indoors if the weather isn’t great. There’s even a small balcony where the bride can stand to throw her bouquet- just another element to add more flair to your special day. Depending on the size of your event, you can select different rooms on the estate, which may host around 200-350 guests.

6.      The Rockleigh

The Rockleigh Indian Wedding

Surrounded by 12 acres of rolling estate and dotted with ancient architecture, the Rockleigh is another wedding venue where you can go back in time to have a beautiful wedding. This Georgian style mansion is perfect for a grand wedding and is, in fact, ideal for massive events with the Grand Pavilion providing space for nearly 900 guests! If you’ve fallen in love with the property but intend on having a small event, don’t worry because they have other ballrooms that fit around 200 people.

7.      Crystal Springs Resort

Garden Wedding at Crystal Springs Resort

Crystal Springs Resort allows you to choose from 5 different indoor and outdoor venues for your big day. Whether you wish to host an intimate affair or a grand wedding that may span across a few days, this resort also offers accommodation on site for relatives visiting from afar or out of town. Located close to New York City, this resort has a rustic charm and can be the perfect spot for your vintage style wedding. The venue can accommodate around 300 guests.

With the extra facilities that are a part of this resort, the bridal party and the groom and his team can enjoy the spa facilities and play a round of golf as they relax before their special day.

8.      The Palace at Somerset Park

The Palace Somerset Park Indoor Wedding

Located on a massive expanse of 30-acre grounds, this elegant building with its marble flooring makes for a grand wedding venue. The interior emulates ancient European architecture with its Tuscan-style fountains, French-inspired doors, gold gilding, and tall ceilings. The venue also has a Juliette-style balcony for the bouquet throwing ceremony. This massive, lavish venue can accommodate up to 600 guests and is an ideal choice if you’re having a large-scale wedding.

Did You Find a Venue You Like?

Indoor Wedding Venue for Small Wedding

These are just some of the many incredible wedding venues dotted around the New Jersey area. To explore these venues and more like these to find the one that fits your vision, head on to 360SiteVisit. We know that you can’t make a decision as big as selecting a wedding venue just by reading a checklist. This is why we offer virtual tours of all our featured venues so that you can see what the venue will look like in real life as well as what the venue will look like once it has been decorated for your event.

Explore indoor and outdoor options, ballrooms and terraces, gazebos and more for your wedding photoshoot to find the place that makes you fall in love with it.

Once you start exploring, just click on the part of the venue you wish to explore more of. Instead of just seeing the main area, take the time to observe every part of the venue, from the type of chandelier to the carving in the ceiling to the driveway where you and your guests will be entering from.

Planning a Complete Wedding

Once you select a venue, it’s important to note that the work has just begun. Planning a wedding is a serious business, and many couples find themselves overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions they have to make. At 360SiteVisit, we understand your struggles which is why we’ve got you covered on your wedding front.

Through our website, you can reach out to not just wedding venue managers to book the place of your dreams, but you can tick off pretty much your entire wedding checklist including:


  • Finding the right caterers
  • Finding the right wedding photographer
  • Selecting your wedding entertainment
  • Making arrangements for transportation on your wedding day
  • Finding the right décor including floral arrangements and more
  • Finding a band to play at your event and more

Make your wedding planning a more enjoyable experience and design an event that you and your partner have been dreaming of.


Wedding planning is all part of the fun leading up to the big day. It’s ideal to get your closest friends and family members involved in the process so that everyone can help out to make your wedding a memorable one.

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